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In today’s business environment, time to market with quality software is the critical factor that determines the success of organizations. The key to building great software often starts in identifying the right partner with capabilities to transform your complex business problems to efficient technology solutions.

At Agiletech Info Solutions, we help you address the ever-changing business and technology challenges by clearly defining the path to your solutions right from the inception and manage it through delivery. We define, design and build applications tailored to your business needs. Our gamut of services include solutions built on Microsoft .NET, Java, Open Source and various vendor packages. We have proven ability to enhance your in-house applications and also build a new solution from the scratch. Our services are built upon a global development framework that improves business reaction to market opportunities and comes with great flexibility and value for your investments.

Application Development Lifecycle

We offer one of the three options for application development:

  • End-to-End development, in which we manage the development effort from start-to-finish taking responsibility of the entire lifecycle
  • Collaborative development, in which our technical experts partner with your in-house development resources and delivery the application jointly with shared responsibilities
  • In-Sourced development, in which our technical resources will supplement your internal in-house development team

 Engagement Models

Our development methodology is centered on the Define, Design, Build and Sustain model



At Agiletech Info Solutions, our application development services begin at the concept visualization stage. We collaborate with organizations and assist in ROI analysis, detailed product study, feasibility and come up with innovative ideas and perform a comparative study and chose the best option suited for the organization’s business environment. The time spent on these research and analysis activities are mandatory as it forms the foundation for the application or product development. In addition to defining the strategy we also assist with market/competitor analysis where applicable and enable the organization to make a better informed decisions based on facts and figures


A good strategy with bad design and planning will yield lesser than expected results. Over the last decade, technology has gone through numerous changes and today there are multiple options to implement a concept. The trick of the trade is to pick the right option that is suitable for our environment and build applications based on that foundation. The architecture decisions taken in this phase should not only address the current problem statement but also keep options for future scalability and expansion. Agiletech Info Solutions’ brings in the industry expertise working with multiple clients and provide services around prototyping etc.,


The different pieces of the application are built in this phase. Our pool of technology professionals can build solutions leveraging Microsoft, Open source, vendor packages etc., Our best-in-class development framework and quality checkpoint processes like code reviews by domain/technology experts sets the foundation for a good quality product. The software application once built moves to the quality testing phase where the code is checked for its desired functionality.


Once the application is built and thoroughly tested, we work with client’s IT group and plan for the deployment. This includes infrastructure services, capacity planning, in-house versus externally hosted environments, cloud services etc., Once deployed, we monitor the applications using our proven application management framework and look for continuous improvement opportunities within the application.

Key services:

  • Design, development and implementation of custom applications
  • Customization of home grown and vendor applications/packages
  • Architecture design
  • Systems Integration
  • System upgrades and enhancements
  • Application consolidation

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