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Managing enterprise applications can be a daunting task, as it takes a lot of time and money to keep them running.

Improper management of the infrastructure and resources can quickly consume the overall IT budget of the organization leaving lesser money for the more strategic initiatives.

Agiletech Info Solutions can provide end-to-end application management services and undertake all the tactical tasks so you can focus on the more critical strategic initiatives. Our extensive domain and technical expertise enables us to manage your applications efficiently with higher productivity and lesser system downtime 

Our application management services are broadly categorized under the below segments 

  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Data Migration
  • Application Upgrade

Application Maintenance and Support

We manage the complete life cycle of the application starting from planning, analysis and design, installation, configuration, deployment and support. Our services include Level 1, 2,3 and 4 support, change requests, on-call production support, enhancements, user training and documentation. Our unique model revolves around the concept of "continuous improvement". We constantly look for areas to optimize, improve and increase performance within the applications thereby making the system available 24x7 where applicable. 

Data Migration

In today's changing business environment, organizations are faced with the situation to constantly upgrade their systems to keep pace with the latest technology trends. Data migration is a critical activity that focuses on moving the data from legacy systems to the new ones. At Agiletech Info Solutions, we perform a thorough analysis of both the legacy and new systems, data cleansing as required by the new system and also developed customized interfaces or framework that facilitate data movement seamlessly

Application Upgrade

Upgrades to existing systems can be quite intimidating given the complexity of tasks involved. Our application upgrade services offer support organizations to move from an older version of the system to a newer one. By doing so, we enable them to realize operational benefits from the latest versions of the software/packages.

Agiletech Tech Support Methodology

Agiletech Info Solutions Support Methodology


Application Support Tiers

Level 1 – Customer calls

This is first entry into the support framework. This layer supports call incoming customer calls that report a problem. Services include, issue capture, basic triage and routing to the respective department for next level for all non-trivial issues. Any known system outages or maintenance activities related issues would be reported to the end users by the technicians. Every unresolved issue would be assigned to the Level 2 for further support

Level 2 -  First level support

Tickets that land in this queue are handled by systems technicians who have a good knowledge on the common system issues related to user accounts, passwords, login problems, connectivity etc., These technicians work across various applications and would be exposed to issues due to system dependencies. Every unresolved issue would be assigned to the Level 3 for further support

Level 3 – Application layer

An incident falling into this queue demands supports from technicians who are very close to the application in question. The technicians can resolve issues that are specific to an application level code, system or application patches, bug fixes and performance. Any environment related issues are also resolved in this layer.

Level 4 -  Development and Maintenance

By this time, the incident is transformed into an application defect and for the most part requires code level changes. This team helps in maintaining the system lights on and manages all the system level defects that come in. Every defect is handled in a proper release cycle guided by best-in-class change management processes.

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