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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing has become one of the most sort after for an organization’s success in the ever growing business environment.  BI helps in churning out the raw data of a company into more potential data to identify new opportunities, analyze customer behavior, understand market trends, search for new opportunities and to deliver an effective strategy that will yield in more business and success to the enterprise. The core competencies of Business Intelligence includes reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics, by which the potential of the company can be reaped to utmost. 

Why Business Intelligence is critical ?

  • Need for informed decisions based on market, customer, product and internal processes
  • Time to market with innovative solutions based on actual needs versus assumptions
  • Identify new opportunities by capitalizing the wealth of data available
  • Apply the right focus and effort on business segments that yield more revenue and maket share

Business Intellignece (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) services:

Agiletech Info Solutions handles BI/DW services and provides strategic advice to organizations to tackle incredible data and to take significant business decisions. Our technical professionals have deep expertise in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) that encompasses the following services:

Business Intelligence Services


Are you leveraging the wealth of data to drive your future business? If the answer is “No”, then you need to think about an enterprise-wide data strategy to help your organization to make the next big leap. Agiletech Info Solutions Business Intelligence professionals can help to define the strategy and position your organization to understand the various sources of data and draw meaningful information. Whether it’s market analysis, product comparisons or interpreting customer segmentations, a well-defined data strategy can help is making decisions based on facts

Architecture & Governance

Once the data strategy is defined, the next big step is to define a proper data governance model as it relates to the organization. The success of a well-defined data strategy often depends on its adoption across various departments within the organization. Agiletech Info Solutions can come in with our BI experts and establish a proper governance for the data used with the organization followed by recommendations for the right application architecture.

Data Quality Management

Data that is incorrect, incomplete and poorly structured can affect the overall decision making process and compromise the data strategy. Agiletech Tech Solution’s data quality management program can help organizations validate the operational data, remove errors, and cleanse the data. Key activities performed are

  • Data Profiling
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Integrity Checks
  • Data Compliance

Integration & Migration

Implementation of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing tools can become quite a daunting task and take away significant time and resources. The situation is the same when you had to migrate or integrate tools in order to achieve desired results. At Agiletech Info Solutions, our BI professionals have seen through various client installations and performed several migration activities. We can leverage our good practices and best-in-class frameworks when it comes to BI integrations and migration and recommend an efficient approach at it relate to your specific needs

Business Analytics

A good data strategy without the right tools to access and analyze the data is an incomplete solution. We will work with organizations right from strategy definition, implementation and end our services in setting up their analytics environment so the data can be easily accessed, analyzed and strategic information can be drawn from those analysis. We help analysts build those multiple business scenarios that aid in building effective strategies and decision-making processes. Some of the key services include product affinity and bundling, customer segmentations, identify risk patterns, fraud detection, customer buying patterns, cost center spend analysis etc.,

Why Agiletech Info Solutions?

We have deep industry expertise and experience in handling complex data and draw out meaningful information that supports critical business decisions. Our team of BI/DW professionals can design and architect complex information management systems that can handle both the current and future state efficiently. Reach out to us and find out how we can help shape your organizations data strategy.

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BI Tools & Technology

SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft SSIS, Informatica, Microsoft (SSAS), Cognos, Microstrategy, Business Objects, Hadoop, Cloudera, Horton works